Leading the evolution of movement.


We champion the choreographers who will influence the future of classical ballet for audiences everywhere.

NYCI expands the power of the choreographer and classical ballet to advance the artistic language and nurture new forms that provoke audience engagement in a rapidly changing culture. For 20 years, we have empowered emerging talent with access to New York’s best —top-tier dancers, interdisciplinary connections and resources —creating space so they can push the boundaries of their visions.

Together, we move.


In 2003, the Institute formed a partnership with the Juilliard School. Together, the two organizations have paired  composers with choreographers to create new music for works in progress. In 2014, the Institute and the NYU Department of Design for Stage and Film partnered to give the participating choreographers the experience of working with designers to envision what their piece might look like if production elements were realized.


The work of the Institute takes place year-round. The primary focus is on two working sessions — one in the fall and one in the spring — that provide choreographers with uninterrupted time and studio space, and allow dancers to experiment with different ideas, approaches, choreographic techniques, and music. 




The New York Choreographic Institute was founded in the Spring of 2000 by Irene Diamond and Peter Martins. The Institute promotes the development of choreographers and dancers involved in classical choreography by providing opportunities to develop their talents.


Application Deadline for the 2021-2022 Sessions is Monday, December 9, 2020.

Inquiries may be addressed to info@nychoreographicinstitute.com.

Resumés, including a summary of relevant ballet experience, a letter of intent, and a YouTube/Vimeo link containing no more than 15 minutes of selected choreography should be emailed to: